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Dressup and Bling your Doggo with this stylish Dog Chain! Crafted from pure 18k  White Gold over 316L stainless steel, this chain features an underlayment of chunky metal and a beautiful WHITE & PINK Cubic Zirconia locking buckle and clasp. With a width of 12MM, this chain is perfect to compliment any leash, and will make your pup look absolutely fabulous! Get your pup the look they deserve with this stylish and durable Dog Chain. 


(Order your Size by measuring the neck of your pet with a measurer)

Small Chain is 16"-Fits most Small Tiny Dogs (8-20 lbs)

Medium Chain is 18"-Fits most Medium Lap Dogs (20-30 lbs)

Large Chain is 24"-Fits most Large Lap Dogs (30-40 lbs)


  •  Chunky metal stainless steel underlayment with 18K Plated.

    Pure 18 k  White Gold Over 316L Stainless steel chain.

    Well designed bling BLUE Cubic Zirconia locking buckle and Clasps.

    CZ Latch and thick Chain. 11MM

    Composition: Metal 100%

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