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NOV. 26th Launch

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Hello everyone,

Happy Holidays to you all, I’m Abraham Hernandez Frenchie Bling creator

I’m Very excited to announce that I’ve created a brand that many people are going to love. If you love or have Frenchies of your own, you know the amazingly fun and human like personalities they have. They love to cuddle, they love to boss you, they love To follow you everywhere you go in the house because they can have separation anxiety. They sniff everything and will pick up almost anything on the floor and chew on it, so hide your shoes and your sunglasses. They burp, fart, and then look at you and blame you for it. The snoring, omg, the snoring is adorable but loud and the best thing they do for us……. Is LOVE us. Owning 2 Frenchies of my own has allowed me access into the Frenchie mind on how they think and the amount of attention they demand. They require so much love and attention and trust me when I say, THEY LOVE BIG!”, This love inspired me to create this brand……. FRENCHIE BLING”.

Lincoln and Louie are the BEST and they make me smile every single moment and make me want to love on them all the time. They are like real GIZMO’s to me and I can’t be with out them. I travel with them and Hang out with them at parks and restaurants and they love road trips. They really don’t help us drive but they do sleep and look cute.

I created FRENCHIE BLING to portray Lincoln and Louie in our travels and every day shenanigans. Putting them in a FUN setting and portraying them to do things us Humans do such as travel, sightsee, selfies, workout and yoga, and just about every adventure we can do. With the help of Graphic Tattoo Street Artist, Noah Hernandez, we created this fun and amazing brand that everyone will talk about and share their love of Frenchies and sport all their Frenchie gear. There will be Tees, caps, beanies, mugs, cozzies, blankets, and much more.

The Frenchie Bling line will set it’s foundation based on Designer Tees and lead to many other products coming out 2022. We know you’ll fall in love with this brand and be part of the Frenchie Family sporting our “Social couture” we call….. FRENCHIE BLING.

There’s so many ideas in the works and the line is launching with 4 Designer Tee Designs in Black and White Tees and will grow to many other Street Art Designs. There are already 10 New TShirt Designs being launched in 2022 all with Limited Release. You’re going to want to collect these quality vibrant pieces of art Tees and sport your BLING!

I’m excited to show you a Frenchie Fashion world that these doggos have shown me while continue to be my heart. Lincoln and Louie will become an everyday fun and mischievous duo and all the Tees will be designed to put smiles and cuteness overload in your everyday wear.

Thank you for supporting small business and show your support for FrenchieBling. We hope you enjoy our gear as much as we enjoyed creating it and would love all you Frenchie lovers to sport your gear and tag us on social media #frenchiebling and you can tag @frenchieblingatl to be featured on Instagram and our Facebook page. Lincoln, Louie, and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing us into your world. We wish you all continued blessings,love, and bling!

Abraham Hernandez Frenchie Bling Creator

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