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Frenchie Bling! Social Couture Brand Launch

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Frenchie Bling! was created and inspired by actual doggos named Lincoln & Louie.

Lincoln is a White Red-Pied Frenchie and Louie is a Lavender Meryl Frenchie and they are always up to shenanigans and adventures.

Owner/Creator Abraham Hernandez & Lincoln of Frenchie Bling! One design that launched the whole idea of a Designer Tee Line was Lincoln and Louie in a Scooter and Side Car cruising down the beach. That's the design that started it all. Each of our Designer Tees will feature 1 or the other or both Frenchies having adventures and traveling around the world being Doggos.

Abraham Hernandez created this line to represent the "FUN" and "CHARACTERS" these Frenchies love to portray. They are always up to crazy shenanigans.

Our Designer Tees are made of 100% cotton quality fabric and are comfortable. The Tees are bright and vivid with color like Art and add life wherever you go. Wearing one of our Tees shows your love for "Frenchie Bling!" Designs will change as we keep creating fun ideas to showcase Lincoln & Louie.

About Frenchie Bling!

Owner/Creator Abraham Hernandez has plans for Frenchie Bling! to become a everyday household name creating brand recognition. Additional designs will be released and Tees are not the only thing that will be introduced into the Frenchie Bling! clothing line. Accessories are to come and BIG plans for additional designs are always in the works and will be "Limited" released. There's so many exciting ways Frenchie Bling! will become a highly recognized brand. What a fun way to represent one of the cutest doggos but doing crazy shenanigans and representing the Bling! that the Frenchies are.

Street Art and Abstract form have always been an inspiration to Hernandez and by bringing in Artists to collaborate with the brand is something we love and will keep moving forward with. Tattoo and Graffiti Artist Noah Hernandez has helped bring this idea to life, putting Lincoln & Louie into fun social activities and adventures. Bright and Vivid Designs is what we want to put out there with our line and almost everyone loves a Frenchie. Frenchie Bling! will continue to create fun Tees and Accessories as long as you all Love them. We are having so much fun creating these Designs and looking forward to creating a Social Brand that everyone will TALK, POST, and SHARE about.

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